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Practices For Aviation Jobs

We prepare your CV's in accordance with the airline-specific ATS to be invited to airline interviews and ensure that you succeed with our Online Interview Simulation.

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Why Avicoaching?

Why Avicoaching?

The contents of the airline employment interviews are of great importance if they are known by the applier beforehand and may lead to success in the interview.

The reasons of failures in the employment interviews are mainly caused by the lack of information about the employment interview procedures of the airline companies and their expectations.

It may also be caused by the fact that the candidate is applying for the first time or having inefficient information gathered from the online forum websites about the airline companies.

Avicoaching offers its support for those candidates with online simulation interviews in multiple languages conducted by HR and related airline job experts.
Steps for candidates
Choose the country of the airline and the online interview. Then, click an available slot from the calendar which suits you. After the checkout, you will receive a confirmation email with the information for the Recruitment Personality Test and your online interview.
2. Complete the Recruitment Personality Test
Be sure that the Recruitment Personality Test is completed latest one hour to your online interview starting time. At the end of the online interview, you will receive a mail containing a link for your Recruitment Personality Test result.
3. Participate the online interview

Be online and join for your online interview five minutes before the starting time.

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